10kg XL Weight Plates 2-pack

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The 10kg (XL) ergonomic patented weight plate is a great addition to the barbell set, bringing the total weight, including bar and collars, to 48kg (105 lbs.). The XL plate size and weight makes it very effective for many functional exercises in Group Core and Group Power and ensures sufficient weight and plate options to maximize your results.

Designed for superior comfort, functionality, and durability, the commercial grade 10kg (XL) Weight Plate combines a professional look with unique features.


  • Two (2) 10kg (XL) weight plates.
  • Innovative weight plate design consisting of a larger and thinner shape allows more weight plates, 4-5 depending on size, to be placed on each side of the bar and makes performing plate-only exercises effective and safe.
  • Ergonomic handles and plate design enable weight plates to be held in numerous positions and grips to ensure comfort, exercise variety, and safety.
  • Weight plates are made of commercial grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to ensure durability, which is up to 300% stronger than standard weights. HDPE is one of the most commonly recycled plastics in the world.