Order Issues

Important Notes:

For the best store browsing experience and to avoid any display or function issues, please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or a Safari web browser. Internet Explorer is not recommended. If you are using Internet Explorer, please switch over to another browser to shop this store. Additionally, if you have further issues you may need to turn off or adjust your pop-up blocker or browser add-ons, as they may be preventing certain functions or aspects of the store from presenting or working accordingly.


If you are having issues viewing the store or checking out, and you are not on a stable internet connection ... wait till you have established a stable and secure connection before purchasing. If trying after 24 hours and having established a stable connection, but still having issues, please contact us.


If you're having issues during checkout when trying to use your credit card, please make sure all the information for your card is correct and all requested information is completed. If you are still having issues during checkout after the 2nd attempt, don't try to continue to checkout. Contact your credit card provider first to check your status. Only after taking those steps first, if you are still experiencing issues, contact us through the "General" contact channel below, provide screenshots where you are having the issue, and include a detailed summary of your issue.


MOSSA Store Order Issues?

If you are having order issues on the MOSSA Store, please choose the email address below pertaining to your specific issue. Make sure your email to us includes a detailed summary of your issue, attach screenshots of where you see and are experiencing the issue, and include what browser you are viewing the store on ... so support can more quickly and effectively resolve the issue for you. Please include at the beginning of the subject line: MOSSA Store Order Issue (followed by the specific issue).

General: info@mossa.net

Apparel Support: apparel@mossa.net

Program Release Support: info@mossa.net


Phone Support

US & Canada: 1-800-729-7837

International: + 1 + 770-989-4700

Fax: 770-989-4710


MOSSA Store Account Issues

If you are having issues with your account please review the Store Account Information page, located in the main navigation, under Help, which can help you resolve some of those account issues.

MOSSA Store Credit Issues

If you are having issues with matters pertaining to your store credit, please review the Store Credit Information page, located in the main navigation, under Help, which can help you resolve those issues.