Get Your FREE PASS – LET’S MOVE at a Location Near You!

MOSSA supplies health clubs, gyms, and fitness centers the professional, live version of all the MOSSA Workouts. As you gain confidence and progress in our professional home workouts, take advantage of a FREE PASS to participate in the professional club programs, at a location near you. The experience of a great room, live instruction, and the social dynamic of a group environment is very motivating and rewarding.

Follow the link below to review and select one of our programs. At the bottom of that program's page, is a link to that program's free pass. Please note this FREE PASS is limited to one per person per year. Click the program locator link on the pass page or select the “LET’S MOVE” button on the program page to find a participating facility near you. To obtain a FREE PASS and get moving today - Click here