MOSSA Store Credit $75


Apply MOSSA Store Credit to your customer account for use toward later purchases on this store. This credit is good for the MOSSA Store (this store only) and can not be applied or accepted elsewhere.

If you don't have a MOSSA Store account with us already, please first create an account via the link in the main navigation, then come back to purchase credit.

After purchasing this credit, it will be automatically be added to your account.

On your next order, on your shopping cart page at the bottom of your order, you will see a store credit button just above the checkout button, with your available credit. Click on that store credit button. You can then choose how much of your credit you want to apply, then click ok, and proceed to checkout. You will then see your credit applied to your order in checkout.

MOSSA Store Credit can be used with MOSSA Store Gift Card codes in checkout for an order. MOSSA Store Credit can not be used with additional discount codes you received, in checkout. MOSSA Store Credit can not be used for shipping costs.

Note: If you apply credit to your order ... but then abandon your cart/checkout before submitting the order, it will still take the credit. You will need to recover your credit in that case. Simply go back into your account, clicking on your name in the navigation bar. In your account profile, locate the store credit link/button and click "recover" to recover that credit amount. That credit will then be recovered and you can use it on another order.

No refund or monetary redemption after purchase.

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